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Kappa Xi had the distinction of being the first local social fraternity at Angelo State College and became the Beta Alpha Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha, the first nationally affiliated fraternity at Angelo State University.

In October 1966 a few good friends and fellow students met to discuss establishing a local fraternity with the goal of becoming affiliated with a national fraternity. The 13 "Founding Fathers" were Chane Bishop of Winters, Gerald Breeding of San Angelo, Gus Clemens of San Angelo, Paul Cormier of Crane, Tom Ewing of Mertzon, Kent Flanagan of Ballinger, Steve Fullerton of Seminole, Tim Gette of San Angelo, Rick Huckabee of San Angelo, Chuck Oelkers of Carrizo Springs, Bobby Rutherford of Seminole, Loye Tankersley of Mertzon and James Thomas of San Angelo. After two subsequent organizational meetings a constitution was adopted, officers elected  and the Kappa Xi Fraternity was officially organized on November 6, 1966. The principal officers elected were Tim Gette-President, Roger Richards-Vice President, Bobby Rutherford-Secretary, and Paul Cormier-Treasurer. The members became known as KZ’s.


After a strong start. the Founding Fathers of Kappa Xi voted to add seven more members- Dennis Coyan of San Angelo, Ronny Harrison of San Angelo, Wayne Lennefelt of San Angelo, Richard McQuistion of Vernon, Roger Richards of Colorado City, Curt Steib of San Angelo and Bruce Sweatmon of San Angelo. Subsequent pledge classes brought the total membership to 43 by 1968. Kappa Xi then sought affiliation with and was accepted by the Lambda Chi Alpha national fraternity. On May 10, 1968, members of the National Fraternity performed an Intiation Ceremony at the First Methodist Church in San Angelo. Dennis Coyan, President-Elect of Kappa Xi, was designated to stand in proxy for the other 42 KZs as the initiate. Upon completion of the initiation, a Colony of Lambda Chi Alpha was officially established at Angelo State.  The Colony’s Charter was approved by the National Fraternity on February 19, 1970, and it officially became a full-fledge active chapter. On April 25, 1970 an Installation Banquet was held at the San Angelo Country Club. Those of note in attendance were The Rev. Michael Waco, Dr. Loyd Vincent, President of the University, Dr. William F. O'Zee, Dean of Students, Mr. Joe Lee McManus, Chapter Advisor, Tim Gette, first President of the Chapter, Harold M. Meyers, President of the National Fraternity, Bill C. Wainright, Jr., National Traveling Secretary of the national fraternity, and Charles Beasley, the then- current president of the chapter. The Beta Alpha Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha was the first nationally recognized social fraternity at Angelo State University. (The school’s name changed in June 1969.) This April, 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of that banquet. By December 31, 2019, the total members initiated was over 700.

The last several years have been particularly rewarding to the older members due to the establishment of the "Geezer's Lunches,"  an idea of brother's Jerry Barnard and Paul Cormier. Attendance increased when one of the bunch became gravely ill, and what started out as twice a month is now sometimes twice a week! That dear brother Harvey Reeves passed in February of 2012 so talk of some sort of memorial project began. That April the Alumni Center Executive Committee gave its approval for a brick paver area in the courtyard of the Alumni Center so the "Memorial to Brothers Gone Ahead" project began in earnest. The success of that project is due to the hard work of several, but mainly to brother Paul Cormier's considerable efforts keeping the roster updated with birth and death dates, collecting the funds, procuring the pavers and insuring that they keep getting put in place. He has also been the one sending out the Geezer's Lunch email reminders. The Memorial is not limited to just deceased "Geezers" but also includes those deceased from all initiated members from 1966 to the present and hopefully will continue forever. By the time the Kappa Xi 50th Anniversary rolled around in 2016, sadly there were about 25 bricks in place. As of April 2020 there are regrettably 39.


Thanks to Barney's Studio and Enochs Photography for allowing us to enjoy their composites posted here. Thanks also to brother Dick Robertson for keeping such good care of all the old large composites these many years and for having them scanned so they could be seen here.  And thanks most of all to all those brothers unnamed here who have through the years surely exemplified all the tenets of brotherhood.

Click on a small image below and you will see a larger version, then you can navigate between all of them at higher resolution.

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